Close Combat Martial Arts Free Trial Lesson

Close Combat Martial Arts have had some places open up in our Saturday kids class due to older students moving over to adult classes. Our Saturday class arrival time is 10:45am for an 11:00am start and finishes at 1:00pm.

We would like to form a waiting list of potential new white belts and then run an open evening/free trial lesson. The day date will be set once we have a list of potential students.

These places are open to children between the ages of 10 and 15. Our syllabus is quite complex for younger children and most teenagers move up to train with the adults at 14 for boys and up to 16 for girls based on size, strength and maturity.

If your child is keen and can commit to training once a week then we would like them to come and give our free trial lesson a go. Please contact us via Facebook or by phone to ask any questions, read a FAQ or simply fill out our Student Registration Forms for your child to be added to our waiting list.


Established in 2017, we are an emerging club with a unique, well-structured syllabus licensed by the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association (BMABA). We joined the BMABA in 2020, so while we are a small club, we have the support of a national governing body, and we meet their professional standards and requirements for membership. We are fully Insured (instructors and students) and our instructors and volunteers are Enhanced DBS Checked and Emergency First Aid trained.

Martial arts builds confidence and character, increases fitness, improves health and provides a fun, social environment for all people to find out what they are capable of. Gain a huge sense of achievement as you achieve your fitness goals, developing your skills through our grading system

Come and train with us in a friendly environment, and build on your skills in a comprehensive martial arts system. The club is run from my small gym in Pennington, Lymington, Hampshire, but we offer places to anyone living in and around the New Forest who can get to us. Get fit, get healthy and become the person you want to be.

In our MMA Syllabus, we practice striking taken from boxing and kickboxing, takedowns, level changes and defensive and submission grappling taken from wrestling and the Gracie Combatives BJJ syllabus. Training for every eventually, for making progress in combat sports, but also as a streetfight ready, self-defence system.

We offer a free trial lesson with no obligation to pay or stay and we welcome all levels, so come and give us a try…

Blitz Sports Unboxing…

I purchased a few products from Blitz Sports that arrived today; I’m going to product test them and see if they are good enough to put up for sale on the CCMA website. Active students will get discounts.

Boxing Gloves, Shinguards, BJJ Gi, Mouth Guard, Hand wraps, Ankle Supports. This video is me unboxing the package and giving my first impressions.

I will be making follow up videos for how to wrap hands, fitting a gum shield, and product testing all the equipment, and giving reviews of each product before listing the products for sale on the Close Combat Martial Arts website IF they meet the standard I want for students…

Latest Updates On Covid Tiers & Martial Arts Instruction

Courtesy of BMABA:

What are the new restrictions for England, and what does the new risk-level (tier system) mean for martial arts?

To get an accurate picture of things, we need to draw in a few official sources. We don’t deal with anything other than confirmed Government sources to try and ensure the information shared is as up to date as possible.

As it stands;

  • There are 3 risk ratings for England – 1 (medium), 2 (high) and 3 (very high)
  • There appears to be no grounds to suspend any classes or stop any clubs from operating in any of the risk categories provided they continue to follow stringent guidelines.

The divide at the moment looks a little as follows;

(Credit: Sky News)



Clubs and instructors within the level 1 medium risk category can continue to follow the Government’s guidance for a phased return to recreation, including the latest updates on the rule of 6. This means clubs and instructors can continue to deliver training to groups larger than 6 provided all relevant and current guidelines are met, including strict social distancing and ensuring groups do not arrive, depart or ‘mingle’ in groups larger than 6.

If you would like to see the full references for this, please click here to see the .GOV website. You will note the blue warning box to confirm the summary points only apply to the lowest level of risk – Medium (1).

This area of risk applies to all areas in England, apart from those listed below as high or very high.

Reopening soon…

We are all set to reopen in a very limited capacity and we will be opening the Monday night group session first.

We are just waiting for BMABA to confirm our insurance is active, which is being held up by a couple of clerical issues due to COVID-19, but they keep assuring me it will be very soon.

When we reopen, there will be 4 spots available in the gym per group session. These prebooked slots will be for pairs of students who are within their own household bubble, which can now include up to two households. Students will need to confirm that those they are training with are from within their bubble and will only be able to train with that person during the group session, or students can train alone in their designated area for the duration that these social distancing measures are in place.

The gym will be open 30 minutes before the warm up starts and as usual, students will need to arrive 15 minutes before 6pm, but if students arrive before that, then they must line up outside 2 meters apart. I will be putting floor markings down in the gym and students will need to go to their designated training area which will be decided upon arrival.

If students need the toilet during training which rarely seems to happen, the lesson will be temporarily stopped to clear a line that students will need to follow between the training areas, out of the back of the gym and into the house, where surfaces, door handles and the entire toilet itself will have been disinfected beforehand and will need to be wiped down again by admin immediately afterwards, between anyone’s use.

Students are encouraged to bring their own equipment and MUST bring their own full water bottle, but any club equipment burrowed will need to be placed against the wall on the floor after the session to be disinfected before it is put back up in the pegs/shelves by myself.

We will be continuing with the syllabus as it stands, which will make solo training interesting, but solo students will do shadow boxing drills for striking and will need to run through grappling drills solo. Many of the grappling drills have solo practice versions, or Grappling Greg can be used if arranged beforehand, depending on the lesson.

Once the areas have been marked out, I will make a video explaining all of this, including anything else from our CV-19 risk assessment that students will need to be aware of.

One slot is already taken. Please contact me via the ‘Book Now’ button on the page to arrange your place:

121 lessons will need a bit more thought, as social distancing restrictions dictate I cannot train with students up close individually, so we will look at how that will work after launching the group sessions.

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding a relaunch date and my video in the members group once I have things set up.

Our new website is complete

We now have our new club website up and running at the same address; come and check it out…


All the original features to show what we do to potential new members. our FAQ page, Grades information page and Principles page have all been transferred over.

New Features

CCMA Club Gear Store

We now have a store where students can purchase club-branded equipment, CCMA Club Gear products are being developed which will be up for sale soon.

Student Section

Students can now access all related links in one section.

Fill out the club Personal, Medical and Fitness Forms with ease with a link in the student section menu, there is also a direct link to pay for lesson options separate from the store. Students can now access the integrated video lessons forum in the same section, when registering to the site either through the forum or store, the user account is now sitewide. The new forum is much the same as the old one but is now fully integrated and hosted on the same site owned by the club, instead of using external free forum software as we did before.