Close Combat follows the traditional colour grading system, although most martial arts have slightly different belt colour orders.  Our grade colours are as follows;

White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Brown (Black Stripe) and Black.


Each grade gets more complex with more advanced lessons to learn while mastering previous skills from lower grades. The syllabus has 2 separate halves, the Striking side (stand up fighting) and the grappling side (ground fighting) with MMA style crossovers between them.

The striking side of the syllabus includes structured lessons from boxing, kickboxing and MMA that build upon previous lessons as students work towards each grade.

The Grappling Syllabus has 36 lesson divided between each grade, each grappling lesson is broken down into manageable slices that build upon previous slices to build up a dynamic skillset over time.

The striking lessons are taught in the first hour of our 2-hour training sessions and the broken down grappling lesson slices are taught in the second hour, the Striking and Grappling lessons together, form a complete fighters skillset.

Dedicated students can achieve Black Grade within a minimum of 3 years of training once a week, although this can be significantly reduced by training multiple times a week and even further with private 121 lessons.

New Grade System

We go for a more modern approach when it comes to students displaying their grade, with our logo design containing a built-in coloured grade bar on our club t-shirts. Although we do give out belts at each grading and students can wear a gi top at higher grades, as groundwork sparring can become quite competitive and may put clothing at risk.

A Red Grade T-Shirt:

Red Grade Nike Shirt


The Grade Badges:

CCMA Grades Logo Display

The Belts:


eg: A Grappling Gi with White Belt:

Black Gi



The Close Combat syllabus is dynamic and may be subject to change as and when the club develops as we are trying something new and developing our own syllabus based on multiple martial arts, things may be added, changed or removed based on efficacy.


The Close Combat Syllabus has recently been edited and will be updated here soon…