Location and time of the classes?

Monday: Close Combat HQ.

18:00 – 20:00

Wednesday: Close Combat HQ.

Launching Soon

Friday: Close Combat HQ.

18:00 – 20:00

New students should arrive 15 minutes early for the health and safety brief and to fill out the health and fitness forms if not already done so online. All students should arrive at least 10 minutes early each week, to pay if not already done so and to prepare before the warmup starts.

How much are the classes?

Each session is:

£10 per student for a group lesson*

£30 for private 121 tuition*

*Payable in advance at the beginning of the lesson, regular dedicated students who cannot pay in advance for whatever reasons can make arrangements before the lesson starts to pay later on occasion, but this is not allowed to become a regular occurrence.

(Prices may change in the future subject to inflation and club running costs).

How do I join the club?

To book your free trial lesson, call or email us using the contact us page, or message us via Facebook and we will answer any questions you may have.

Depending on the number of students at the club and what stage of the syllabus we are at, we may invite interested people to join us straight away and advise new students on what to wear and what to bring.

We ask new students to come in 15 minutes early for a safety brief and to fill out health and fitness forms, although our forms are available to fill out online, on the forms page, on the top menu of this website.

Before your free trial lesson, you will be signed up for 30 days free insurance, after which you will have to pay the membership fee of £30, where you will be ordered a Close Combat white grade T-shirt and provided with a years student insurance.

What do I wear?

We train for everyday situations, so we prefer students to wear comfortable gym wear to start, preferably nothing too expensive as clothes can sometimes become worn or damaged.  We have our own club clothing range available for purchase as described below,  You’ll get a white grade T-shirt when you pay for your membership after 30 days trial period and you’ll be given higher grad t-shirts a student passes a grade level as part of the grading fee, but spares can be purchased in the online store for a students grade level.

No jewellery or watches are allowed to be worn during training. Long hair must be tied up preferably in a tight bun with hair spray holding it in place, if students with long hair forget to do this, please ask as we will have a pack of brand new, unused hair bands on stand by specifically for this reason.

Glasses or contacts?

No glasses or contacts should be worn during training, mildly short sited people should train to fight without vision enhancement anyway, but if you have really poor eyesight, you can speak to your optician to discuss the options, there are sports glasses/goggles available, designed for your protection.

How much is the Close Combat clothing?

The Close Combat t-shirt appropriate for your grade level will be included in your membership/grading fee, but if you lose or damage your t-shirt or wish to buy additional spares, they can be replaced for £15 online store. Other clothing will also be available in the store.

What else should I bring to lessons?

Students should always bring:

  • Bottle of water.
  • Small towel.
  • Club Tshirt (if a member)
  • Your own training equipment (if you have it).*
  • A hairband if you have long hair.

*We have basic gloves and pads for beginners to use, but, as with most contact martial arts clubs, students should aim to purchase their own gear, most students will start with their own boxing gloves, inner gloves or hand wraps, shin/instep guards and gum shield and groin protection, but also knee, elbow, wrist and ankle supports if required, some students even prefer to bring along their own jab/Thai pads. More advanced students may require a head guard if they chose.

Students won’t be able to make the most of training as they advance through the grades without the correct equipment, so we have instated a required equipment system that runs alongside the grading system to ensure that all students have what they need as a minimum requirement at the right level.

Advice can be given about equipment if required, recommended equipment is purchased from Adidas, Blitz or RDX Sports, or our own CCMA branded products in the online store. Please consult us before purchasing equipment as we may be able to get you products discounted from Blitz and RDX and our own equipment can be inspected before purchase.

How often do I need to train?

We follow a tight syllabus, so it is recommended that you attend and train at least once a week on the same night, otherwise you will miss important lessons and have gaps in your knowledge which will affect your grading.  If lessons are missed, students will have opportunities to catch up in private 121 lessons (subject to availability) or have to wait until next time around, but it is better to attend all primary lessons throughout the syllabus when possible.

Who is allowed to train?

Respectable and friendly adults  (18+) are always welcome, under 18’s need to be mature enough to fit into the class and show respect. Under 14’s must attend with a parent or guardian, although I am considering opening a class specifically for children and younger teens with a no-contact / semi-contact syllabus at a later date.

Anyone with disabilities or health problems can train, as long as they consult their doctor and inform our instructors and admin team of any risks to health, or issues that affect fitness on the Health and Fitness Form provided, these will need to be updated as and when any new health concerns arise, we reserve the right to refuse to train anyone on medical grounds if the risk to health is too great.

Do you have gradings?

We have a grading system that goes through 10 grades from white to black, we train skills individually and then combine them dynamically as we work through the syllabus towards the next level grade colour, and each grade colour represents students ability based on a certain number of skills learnt, but also mastering previous skills from lower grades. Students move up through the grades when they reach the required competency for each skill for their level in the syllabus, we maintain a record of students individual progress on our computer system and students can display their grade on their club t-shirt and belts provided at the time of grading.

A more in-depth look at the Close Combat grading system and the syllabus can be found on the grading page available in the top menu.

Do you do courses or seminars?

No! we run a long term, continuous, all-round, striking and grappling, martial arts syllabus, pushing for real fitness. We don’t run day-long seminars or short courses Although we may run day-long events for long term students in the future.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01590 670795 / 07858 908164, or you could visit us on Facebook or send us an email on the Contact Us page.