Our new website is complete

We now have our new club website up and running at the same address; www.closecombatmartialarts.com. come and check it out…


All the original features to show what we do to potential new members. our FAQ page, Grades information page and Principles page have all been transferred over.

New Features

CCMA Club Gear Store

We now have a store where students can purchase club-branded equipment, CCMA Club Gear products are being developed which will be up for sale soon.

Student Section

Students can now access all related links in one section.

Fill out the club Personal, Medical and Fitness Forms with ease with a link in the student section menu, there is also a direct link to pay for lesson options separate from the store. Students can now access the integrated video lessons forum in the same section, when registering to the site either through the forum or store, the user account is now sitewide. The new forum is much the same as the old one but is now fully integrated and hosted on the same site owned by the club, instead of using external free forum software as we did before.