Established in 2017, Close Combat Martial Arts is an emerging club with a unique, well-structured syllabus, licensed by the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association (BMABA). We joined BMABA in 2020, so while we are a small club, we have the support of a national governing body, and we meet their professional standards and requirements for membership. We are fully Insured (instructors and students) and our instructors and volunteers are Enhanced DBS Checked and Emergency First Aid trained. we have attained the BMABA Club Colours Award, which represents the highest vetting standards within the martial arts industry and includes the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts.

Martial arts build confidence and character, increases fitness, improves health, and provides a fun, social environment for all people to find out what they are capable of. Gain a huge sense of achievement as you achieve your fitness goals, developing your skills through our grading system.

Come and train with us in a friendly environment, and build on your skills in a comprehensive martial arts system. The club is run from my small gym in Pennington, Lymington, Hampshire, but we offer places to anyone living in and around the New Forest who can get to us. Get fit, get healthy, and become the person you want to be.

In our MMA Syllabus, we practice striking taken from boxing and kickboxing, takedowns, level changes, and defensive and submission grappling taken from wrestling and the Gracie Combatives BJJ syllabus. Training for every eventually, for making progress in combat sports, but also as a streetfight ready, self-defense system.

We offer a free trial lesson with no obligation to pay or stay and we welcome all levels, so come and give us a try…

Gordon, Lymington

Great teaching with clarity and very hands-on. Really good work out!

Laura, Lymington

An extremely friendly environment, very supportive and very well run. All ages and abilities in the classes and great with all of them. I would recommend to anyone.

Jamie, Pennington.

I joined Close Combat around 5 months ago and I’ve learnt so much already. Dave is an amazing instructor! he is very professional, caring and always making you feel comfortable in everything we learn. He always spends time alone with each student to perfect the skills learned and are always happy to answer questions or give advice in or outside of training.  It’s a great class with some amazing students we all help and encourage each other with the new skills we are taught. We always have a good laugh and learn all the skills in a slow, well-taught manner.  I’d recommend everyone giving martial arts classes a try. For anyone that struggles with low self-confidence it really does give your confidence a boost with a great sense of achievement!. Plus the first session is free so you have nothing to lose!  The lessons are always challenging but extremely fun and a great work out. With a good warm-up, boxing, kickboxing, grappling it’s a really good mix.  I’ve enjoyed close combat so much so that I’ve just started doing two nights per week.

Makeala, Pennington

I have never felt physically strong and after being in a domestically violent relationship for many years I was never able to defend myself. Once I saw Close Combat was opening, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to learn the skills and techniques to be able to defend myself, I am learning that you don’t need to be strong, just have the knowledge. I have been there now for 3 months and feel that I have learnt a lot, David and Leighann have made me feel so relaxed and when I am confused about anything, they take their time to show students the moves repeatedly until they get it. It’s a great class with some incredible teammates who really support and encourage each other in a brilliant environment, I really enjoy myself, I’m proud to be part of Close Combat.

Angela, Lymington

“Being a newcomer to martial arts and self-defence in general, I was slightly nervous about what to expect, but David pitches the lessons to the varied ability of the students very well. The small class size helps, as he always makes time for hands-on instruction with each student. David’s style of instruction is clear and demonstrations of moves are always given with his training partner. The safety and comfort of students is always given high priority.”