PT Health and Safety Statement

This is the Health and safety policy statement of Fighting Fit Personal Training

Updated 12/01/23

It is the policy of Fighting Fit Personal Training (“the Gym”) to foster a positive health and safety culture throughout the Gym because we believe that high standards of health and safety are a moral and professional prerequisite.

The Gym is committed to:

  • Working to prevent accidents and work-related ill-health.
  • Ensuring any risks arising from our work activities are properly managed.
  • Maintaining safe and healthy working conditions, and adequate welfare facilities.
  • Using and maintaining the proper, safe equipment needed for each task, including all Personal Protection Equipment where needed.
  • Ensuring the safety of our clients/customers at all times.
  • Reviewing and revising this policy annually.

Our stated aims and objectives for the year 2023 are:

  • To ensure all H&S documentation is up to date
  • To update all Risk Assessments
  • Implementation, maintenance and review

The Proprietor Abbie Wyatt-Budd accepts overall responsibility for all Health and Safety within the Gym and is responsible for all policy implementation.

Date: 12/01/2023

Review date: 12/01/2024