Jamie, Pennington.

I joined Close Combat Self Defence around 5 months ago and I’ve learnt so much already. Dave and leighann are just amazing! They are very professional, caring and always making you feel comfortable in everything we learn. They always spend time alone with each student to perfect the skills learned and are always happy to answer questions or give advice in or outside of training.  It’s a great class with some amazing students we all help and encourage each other with the new skills we are taught. We always have a good laugh and learn all the skills in a slow well taught manner.  I’d recommend everyone giving self defence classes a try. For Anyone that struggles with low self confidence it really does give your confidence a boost with a great sense of achievement!. Plus the first session is free so you have nothing to lose!  The lessons are always challenging but extremely fun and a great work out. With a good warm up, boxing, kick boxing, juijitsu it’s a really good mix.  I’ve enjoyed close combat so much so that I’ve just started doing two nights per week.