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Farabi Fighter Choice Super fine GCX- gentle touch hand wraps are the best combination of comfortability and Snugness at an affordable price. Farabi Ultimate hand support is designed to provide rest and support to the hand and the connecting bones during extreme workout sessions. Made from high quality durable and long-lasting cotton coupled with Geo-Flex thermal microfiber spandex, this hand wrap support is extremely durable and long-lasting. With the wide 4 meter wrap, these wraps cover a wide area and provide greater protection to the knuckles and back of the palm. It is equipped with a stretchable K-Knit elasticated material for providing support against impact. Ergonomically designed with dual-layer hybrid cotton and spandex, this wrap gives a nice and soft snug fit with plenty of stretch. The GCR dual cushioning layer is a special addition to protect knuckles from injury. The impact-resistant Mexican Style hand wraps can withstand a severe force while punching and sparring. The SPDX- loop closures system provides snugness at its best with double Seam lock stitching to avoid peeling off. It comes in a vibrant colour scheme with extraordinary protective fabric. Hand and wrist protection is ensured with dual-layered Fabric padding for augmented shock absorption. The Fabric padding lessens the risk of injury from punching heavy bags. It also incorporates the Nano stomas which keep the hands dry at peak sessions. It helps in augmenting the performance during the boxing and sparring session where the punching strength is needed. Inspired by the unique S-Smart design sensation by Farabi this hand wrap gives a sleek look and aesthetic appearance in the gym.

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