Farabi Air Focus Pads


Available on back-order



  • The air compression disseminates the impact of force to the air and resists its transmission to the hands which reduces the chances of injury to the minimum. Made from prime quality UT-Synthetic leather this glove is super durable and has the ability to serve as a best training companion.
  • The internal five-layered GX-Core fiber padding allows the strike shield to bear the strongest impacts of force. Powered by a tri-layered JF-Jumbo Eva cushioning for added protection and comfort.
  • This focus pad has a unique XR-Dissemination shock absorbent feature which disseminates the total force of the strike across the pads equally and lowers the impact. Armed with a power disseminator GX-Core Pad integrated KL-Ball grip which provides the best possible grip in extreme punching and jabbing sessions.
  • The swift-Z Velcro closure system ensures the snugness of the pads with the hands and is adjustable according to the training needs. The PCG-converged wrist support offers rest and comfort to the wrist and keeps the connecting bone stress-free.

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