Mission Statement:

At Close Combat Martial Arts we have a clear vision of what we want to achieve and the legacy we’d like to create.

  1. To create a legacy of martial arts proficiency within the local community that will enable people to feel safe, be confident, and improve their level of fitness.
  2. To work with the local community to create a club that is fully inclusive and representative of those within the community it supports.
  3. As a social enterprise, we reinvest all profit after expenses in the club and will endeavor to raise funds to provide training opportunities to all.
  4. To offer support and guidance to students on all matters of self-protection to enable more people to make sensible and smart decisions on staying safe.
  5. To create a culture of care, discipline, and respect that will enable the club’s members to enjoy the benefits martial arts bring in and out of the gym.
  6. To work hard as a club to continue monitoring and improving our internal standards to continue offering the very best levels of care and training for our students.

Name of our Organisation:

Our Club is an Unincorporated Association known as Close Combat Martial Arts, but also known under the acronym CCMA. We are also known as Close Combat MMA and Fitness when including Fighting Fit Personal Training.

Club Structure:

Close Combat Martial Arts is an Unincorporated Association of members. We operate as a 3-tier system. The top tier is a technocratic team of committee officers who run the club for the benefit of student members. The middle tier is part of the club committee and consists of dedicated student members who have taken a leadership or supportive role within the club, giving valued input and feedback, the middle tier will be selected based on commitment and dedication by the top tier. The bottom tier consists of student members who aren’t part of the committee.

Committee Officers:

Founder and Chairman: David Close

(Acting) Club Secretary: David Close

(Acting) Treasurer: David Close

(Acting) Club Manager: David Close

Safety Roles:

Lead Safeguarding Officer: David Close

Safeguarding Officers:

First Aiders: David Close, Lisa Hayes

Instructor Roles:

Head Instructor: David Close

Level 4 Instructors:

Level 3 Instructors:

Level 2 Instructors:

Level 1 Assistant Instructor: Lisa Nicholas, Lisa Hayes

Trainee Instructors: Damian Close

Other Roles:


Volunteers: Emily Close, Jamie Russell

Meeting Schedule:

Currently, our committee officer’s meetings are not scheduled, we discuss club-related issues informally after group classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Meetings for larger issues will be arranged as and when needed.