Club News (11/03/18)

Table of contents.

  • Tuesday s Schedule (13/03/18).

  • Friday’s Schedule (16/03/18).

  • Club Photo.

Tuesday’s Schedule (13/03/18).


Lesson 2 (Revision):

  • Kick Defences

  • Americana Armlock


Lesson 07 (Reflex Development):

  • Grab Defences

  • Straight Armlock

Friday’s Schedule (16/03/18).

Friday just gone was off schedule, so we will go back to the schedule for those that missed it.


Lesson 2 (Reflex Development):

  • Kick Defences

  • Americana Armlock


Lesson 4 (Revision):

  • Take The Back

  • Rear Naked Choke


Lesson 11 (Reflex Development):

  • Falling, Stances and Movement

  • Clinch Bodyfold Takedown

Club Photo.

As we never seem to have all students in the same place at the same time, I am going to take a photo each week from the same position with available students stood about a foot in front of the curtain, then use photoshop to merge the photos into one. similar to this one (below), but  with the curtain / floor lined up better and using the same camera each time, eventually we will get a photo with all members together.

Both Classes 1.2

Any Questions.

If anyone has any questions about the contents of this newsletter or anything else regarding Close Combat Self Defence, please contact me via Facebook, the ‘Contact Us‘ page or phone (01590 670795 / 07858 908 164)

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