This week… (19/02/18)

Table of contents.

  • No Tuesday Lesson (20/02/18).
  • Friday’s Schedule (23/02/18).
  • Grading Certification.
  • The New System.

No Tuesday Lesson (20/02/18).

As it’s the 3rd Tuesday of the month, we have no Tuesday lesson this week.

Friday’s Schedule (23/02/18).


Lesson 2:

  • Kick Defences
  • Americana Armlock


Lesson 6:

  • Padwork Session 2: Kick Combo’s
  • Punch Block Series


Lesson 11:

  • Falling, Stances and Movement
  • Clinch Bodyfold Takedown

Grading Certification.

I am proud to announce our new Red Grade student, who has worked very hard meet the required grading standards. Congratulations to Jamie Hansford.

Jamie Red Grade Cut

The New System.

We have now streamlined our syllabus to make sure students are always working towards their next grade. Before this we were following a staggered cycle up to Blue Grade. This meant that students were occasionally working on skills that were above their grade level. Which meant it was taken longer to reach the next grade, but also that students have to retain more skills than necessary for their skill level.

This new system is working great, with higher grade students assisting in working with lower grade lessons, I can now work my way round to everyone in a much more effective way. All students get regular practice of previous, lower grade skills as well as learning skills at their own level too. So I am very happy with it.

During the next few months while we synchronise to the new system, we may have already done  certain lessons in the schedule, so we will skip them and move on to the next in the sequence, this means that occasionally, lessons may appear to come round quicker in the cycle and students at that grade level can communicate amongst themselves and with me to decide what we want to work on, although all 6 runs through (learning, reflex development, revision, combat simulation, grading preparation and grading) each lesson will eventually be achieved anyway.

Any Questions.

If anyone has any questions about the contents of this newsletter or anything else regarding Close Combat Self Defence, please contact me via Facebook, the ‘Contact Us‘ page or phone (01590 670795 / 07858 908 164)

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