Club News (06/01/18)

Table of contents.

  • Happy New Year.

  • Club Photos and Recording Video.
  • Tuesday Lesson (26/12/17).

  • Friday’s Lesson (29/12/17).

Happy New Year.

Shop Card

Club Photos and Recording Video.

I would like to get a decent club photo of all members very soon, similar to the one above, as soon as we’ve got all members in attendance we will get a brilliant photo from each class and I will try and work my photoshop magic to merge them together for the group banner.

I will also be getting footage from both Leighann’s and Sandra’s digital camera’s to make a new and improved promotional video to show off what we do.

Tuesdays Lesson (09/01/18).

As we weren’t open on the 02/01/18, we postponed the lesson, so we will be doing what was scheduled before, which is Reflex Development for lesson 2.

First half we will improve our KICK DEFENCES, combining them with the PUNCH DEFENCES with a bit more head movement and footwork, similar to sparring but slightly slower and more controlled to get the technique right.

Second Half we will be combining all 3 variations of the TRAP AND ROLL ESCAPE with both variations of the AMERICANA ARMLOCK.


Slice 1: Front Kicks
Slice 2: Push Kicks
Slice 3: Round Kicks
Slice 4: Side Kicks
Slice 5: Back Kicks


Slice 1: Straight Punches
Slice 2: Hook Punches
Slice 3: Uppercuts
Slice 4: Haymakers


Slice 1: Standard Variation
Slice 2: Open Guard Pass
Slice 3: Headlock Variation
Slice 4: Punch Block Variation


Slice 1: Standard Variation
Slice 2: Neck Hug Variation

Friday’s Lesson (12/01/18).

This Friday will be Revision for lesson 11. After the warmup and sparring, The first half will be another look at BREAKFALLS and learning how to STAND UP IN BASE correctly for the newer students, and more advanced students will have a quick recap which shouldn’t take too long. then we will use the remaining first half time to work on missed lessons, which will differ from student to student. Second half we will be revising the BODYFOLD TAKEDOWN.


Slice 1: Stand Up in Base
Slice 2: Back Falls
Slice 3: Side Falls
Slice 4: Front Falls


Slice 1: Surprise Entry (Conservative Opponent)
Slice 2: Bodyfold Application

Any Questions.

If anyone has any questions about the contents of this newsletter or anything else regarding Close Combat Self Defence, please contact me via facebook, the ‘Contact Us‘ page or phone (01590 670795 / 07858 908 164)

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