Club News 18/12/17

Table of contents.

  • Grading Certification Ceremony.
  • No Tuesday Lesson (19/12/17).

  • Friday’s Lesson (22/12/17).

Grading Certification Ceremony.

I am proud to announce our new Red Grade student, who has worked very hard to meet the required grading standards; learning, revising, developing reflexes and grading the  first 3 lessons of the Syllabus. Congratulations.

S.J. Allsopp-Phillips


No Tuesday Lesson (19/12/17).

The Tuesday class will reconvene on the 02/01/18

Friday’s Lesson (22/12/17).

This Friday will be the 2nd time through lesson 10 and is a double jujitsu lesson consisting of THE ELBOW ESCAPE and MAINTAINING SIDE MOUNT, although we will still be doing our usual kickboxing sparring for the warm up.


Slice 1: Shrimp Drill
Slice 2: Standard Variation
Slice 3: Hook Removal
Slice 4: Fish Hook
Slice 5: Heal Drag


Slice 1: Roll Prevention
Slice 2: Guard Prevention
Slice 3: Mount Transition

Any Questions.

If anyone has any questions about the contents of this newsletter or anything else regarding Close Combat Self Defence, please contact me via facebook, the ‘Contact Us‘ page or phone (01590 670795 / 07858 908 164)

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