Club News 10/12/17


Table of contents.

  • Tuesday’s Lesson (12/12/17).

  • Friday’s Lesson (15/12/17).

Tuesday’s Lessons (12/12/17).

This Tuesday will be doing reflex development for KICK DEFENCES and the AMERICANA ARMLOCK.

For the first half, we will be stepping up the KICK DEFENCES combining with the PUNCH DEFENCES from the previous lesson, we will be paying particular attention to the side kick and back kick that we missed last week.

For the second half of our lesson, we will be tying all 3 variations of the TRAP AND ROLL ESCAPE with both variations of the AMERICANA ARMLOCK to improve our reflexes.


Slice 1: Defence against Front Kicks

Slice 2: Defence against Push Kicks

Slice 3: Defence against Round Kicks

Slice 4: Defence against Side Kicks

Slice 5: Defence against Back Kicks


Slice 1: Basic Application

Slice 2:Standard Variation

Slice 3: Neck hug Variation

Friday’s Lesson (15/12/17).

This Friday we will be grading lesson 9; PADWORK SESSION 3: PALM & BARE KNUCKLE COMBOS and the ELEVATOR SWEEP, a repeat of last weeks lesson without the added reflex development at the end.

A few people were confused to how many time we had done this lesson, this will be the 4th time through as we only started the reflex defvelopment lessons just after the second time through lesson 9.


Slice 1: Jab Lead Palm Combo’s with 2 Round Kicks

Slice 2: Cross Lead Palm combo’s with 2 Round Kicks

Slice 3: Jab Lead Bare Knuckle Combos with 2 Round Kicks

Slice 3: Cross Lead Bare Knuckle Combos with 2 Round Kicks


Slice 1: Standard Variation

Slice 2:  Headlock Variation

Any Questions.

If anyone has any questions about the contents of this newsletter or anything else regarding Close Combat Self Defence, please contact me via facebook, the ‘Contact Us‘ page or phone (01590 670795 / 07858 908 164)

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