Club News 25/11/17

Table of Contents.

  • Christmas Dates for your Diary.
  • Tuesday’s Lesson (28/11/17).
  • No Friday Lesson (01/11/17).

Christmas Dates for your Diary.

TUESDAYS: the Tuesday class will not be on the 3rd week of December as usual (19/12/17) and will be closed for boxing day too (26/12/17), but will reconvene on the first Tuesday in January (02/01/18).

FRIDAYS: Apart from this coming Friday (01/12/17) as stated below, lessons will run continuously through December, as long as we can get the numbers, because they fall on days that aren’t really affected by the holidays as far as I’m aware, but please message me as usual if you cannot attend for any reason.

Tuesday’s Lesson (28/11/17).

As we haven’t had a class on a Tuesday for 2 weeks, This week we will be doing reflex development drills for the first lesson, going over the same skills again, getting up on our toes and moving around for punch defences, and practising our trap and roll escape in a reflex development cycle, to really get to grips with it. This will be new to some students, but a nice refresher for others.


Slice 1: Jab, Parry / Cross, Parry.

Slice 2: Head movement, additional Jab, Cross.

Slice 3: Additional Job, Cross and returned Jab, Cross.


Slice 1: Standard Variation

Slice 2: Punch Block Variation

Slice 3: Headlock Variation

Slice 4: Open Guard Pass

No Friday Lesson (01/12/17).

We will be closed on Friday 01/12/17 due to the Christmas Fayre being on in the village, firstly because there is no way I will get through the village with the trailer as the roads are closed and it will be packed full of people and secondly because we want to go to it, as we always do every year, so if you fancy popping down instead, we will see you there (remember to wrap up warm). We will reconvene on Friday 08/12/17.


Any Questions

If anyone has any questions about the contents of this newsletter or anything else regarding Close Combat Self Defence, please contact me via facebook, the ‘Contact Us‘ page or phone (01590 670795 / 07858 908 164)

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