Club News 04/11/17

 Table of Contents.

  • Lesson 7 Grading (03/11/17).
  • T-shirts update.
  • Grading Book Recall.
  • Tuesday Launch Lesson (7/11/17)
  • Next Friday’s Lesson (10/11/17).

Lesson 7 Grading.

Last nights lesson was a great success, with 6 students meeting the grade level requirements for Lesson 7 and two new students jumping in the deep end and giving it a good go.


For all students who have met the requirements and graded all previous lessons up to and including lesson 7, those students have reached the Yellow Grade milestone. The following students have achieved Yellow Grade:

Aaron Stone

Leighann Gale


During lesson 7 we managed to work on a few other skills for grading previous lessons, for students working towards red grade, The following students have achieved Red Grade:

S.J. Allsopp-Phillips

We will hold a grading ceremony as soon as the new t-shirts have been delivered.

T-shirt update.

Our supplier has been sent an older t-shirt with the correct logo for a colour match, hopefully this will resolve the problem and we will be able to order our new t-shirts very soon, within the next week or so.

Grading Book Recall.

I am still recalling all grading books to make final changes, I have redesigned the last 4 pages and added an additional one in the back with our current and up to date grading information, I will require all grading books back in as soon as possible, I will tag all those who haven’t handed in their book in a Facebook post. I will be returning books the following week.

Tuesday Launch Lesson (07/11/17)

I am very excited to get started with the new Tuesday evening class, with some students returning from the old day time class and some of the newer students swapping over from the friday class, we have already got a good little group going, but we also have some new people interested that should be joining us.

We will be restarting the syllabus as most of the students are very new to the program and it will be unproductive to start from where the old Tuesday daytime class left off.


Slice 1: Jab and Parry, Cross and Parry

Slice 2: Head movement, additional Jab Cross

Slice 3: Additional Job Cross and returned Jab Cross

Slice 4: Same again on your toes


Slice 1: Standard Variation

Slice 2: Punch Block Variation

Slice 3: Headlock Variation

Slice 4: Open Guard Pass

Next Friday’s Lesson (10/11/17)

As you know; we learn, revise and grade lessons in 3’s in a staggered format, with Reflex Development lessons after the learning and revision lessons, but before the grading lessons, as shown on the grading page. We have just graded lesson 7, which is the first of the 7, 8 & 9 block of grading lessons. That was a mouthful.

Next Friday’s crucial Reflex Development lesson will be to prepare for the following Lesson 8 Grading. We will make sure that everyone who has met the previous learning and practise requirements for the lesson is ready for grading, but for those who haven’t attended the previous learning, practise and reflex development lessons, this will count as one of those on your learning track.


Slice 1: Close Neck Choke

Slice 2: Distant Neck Choke

Slice 3: Rear Naked Choke Defence

Slice 4: Triangle Choke Defence


Slice 1: Triangle Finish

Slice 2: Stage 1.5 Variation

Slice 3: Giant Killer Variation

Any Questions

If anyone has any questions about the contents of this newsletter or anything else regarding Close Combat Self Defence, please contact me via facebook, the ‘contact us’ page or phone (01590 670795 / 07858 908 164)

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