Club News 21/10/17

Table of Contents.

  • T-shirt supplier Issues.
  • Grading Book Recall.
  • Next Friday’s Lesson 27/10/17.

T-shirt Supplier Issues.

We currently have a backlog of t-shirt orders, waiting for the suppliers to resolve a colour discrepancy issue, they have told me that they have fixed the problem and are sending out samples for me to see early next week, so hopefully the colour will be a perfect match or as close to it as possible, so that I can get on and order our new t-shirts.

Grading Book Recall.

I am recalling all grading books to make final changes, I did have a couple in to add a page in the back, but that didn’t resolve the other out of date pages, I have now redesigned the last 4 pages and added an additional one in the back, with our current and up to date grading information and have been working to sort out all the new books, but I will require all grading books back in, unless I already have them, in which case you can collect your book back with the new pages during next lesson.

Next Friday’s Lesson 27/10/17

Over the next 2 Friday night’s, we will be revising and grading lesson 7, its been a long time since we’ve covered this, so we will use this week to revise the skills and the following week to grade. Those who have graded all previous lessons will be grading for Yellow Grade.


Slice 1: one handed wrist grabs

Slice 2: Two hands on one wrist grabs

Slice 3: Two hands on both wrists grabs

Slice 4: Arm Grabs

Slice 5: Clothing Grabs


Slice 1: Final control

Slice 2: Standard Variation

Slice 3: Side Variation


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