Club News 21/10/17

Table of Contents.

  • T-shirt supplier Issues.
  • Grading Book Recall.
  • Next Friday’s Lesson 27/10/17.

T-shirt Supplier Issues.

We currently have a backlog of t-shirt orders, waiting for the suppliers to resolve a colour discrepancy issue, they have told me that they have fixed the problem and are sending out samples for me to see early next week, so hopefully the colour will be a perfect match or as close to it as possible, so that I can get on and order our new t-shirts.

Grading Book Recall.

I am recalling all grading books to make final changes, I did have a couple in to add a page in the back, but that didn’t resolve the other out of date pages, I have now redesigned the last 4 pages and added an additional one in the back, with our current and up to date grading information and have been working to sort out all the new books, but I will require all grading books back in, unless I already have them, in which case you can collect your book back with the new pages during next lesson.

Next Friday’s Lesson 27/10/17

Over the next 2 Friday night’s, we will be revising and grading lesson 7, its been a long time since we’ve covered this, so we will use this week to revise the skills and the following week to grade. Those who have graded all previous lessons will be grading for Yellow Grade.


Slice 1: one handed wrist grabs

Slice 2: Two hands on one wrist grabs

Slice 3: Two hands on both wrists grabs

Slice 4: Arm Grabs

Slice 5: Clothing Grabs


Slice 1: Final control

Slice 2: Standard Variation

Slice 3: Side Variation


Club News 16/10/17 (updated)

Table of Contents

  • A Quick Apology.
  • Email updates.
  • Tuesday launch.
  • Pound coins.
  • Grading books.
  • Friday’s upcoming lesson.

A Quick Apology.

Sorry for the double post (and email), but in my haste to get this mailing system working, I sent it out before making some final changes, to the message itself and to the email style sheet,  you may have noticed a snippet of the email with the words all compacted together, but its fixed now and “should” go out tomorrow morning with the updated email looking as intended. I won’t normally put out blogposts / emails this frequenty, but as we are setting this all up, it needed fixing. Thanks for your patience and support.

Email Updates.

We have now synchronised our blog to provide email updates through MailChimp, alongside posting directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, so if you filled in the forms online or at the club, or you aren’t yet a student, but have visited the site recently and subscribed for email updates, you will now be able to recieve all club news, events and weekly lesson information directly to your email address, I have taken the liberty of adding everyone who is currently involved at the club or who I know is waiting for updates about the new Tuesday evening class launch (discussed below), or the kids class to the mailing list, because you gave me your email address, but if you don’t want to receive these emails there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email, you can also contact me directly if you would like to be added or removed.

Tuesday Launch (07/11/17).

Our Tuesday evening class launch is still set for 7th of November and I look forward to catching up with those who have been waiting since we stopped the daytime class and those who are switching over from the Friday, we are probaby going to get a few new people which will be a great start, so I am considering restarting the syllabus from the beginning to make sure we are all on the same page, the first time through didn’t have the reflex development sessions which have now proven themselves to be essential to getting the right amount of practise in for gading skills.

Pound Coins.

We will no longer be accepting the old pound coins as they stop being legal tender tonight (Sunday 15/10/17)

Grading Book Recall.

A few of the old pages in the grading book are outdated by the new colour grading system, so I am recalling all books to make some changes to reflect our new system, the update won’t take more than a week and the books will be returned to you the lesson after you hand it in.

Friday’s upcoming lesson (20/10/17).

Reflex development for lesson 12


SLICE 1: Starting with the Punch Combos.

SLICE 2: Adding 2 Elbows.

SLICE 3: Adding 2 knees.

SLICE 4: Push away and 2 Round Kicks.

We will be going through this again, stepping up the speed and intensity, but still focusing on technique over power, especially with the elbows and knees, power comes with practice and is much more effective and efficient when the technique is right.


SLICE 1: Basic positioning.

SLICE 2: Prevent the get up.

SLICE 3: Finishing with a side variation of the straight armlock.

SLICE 4: Finishing with a Back Mount and Rear Naked Choke.

We will be looking at this in more detail, improving each slice and putting them together for basic reflex development, without bringing in any other skills yet, I want to make sure we all have each slice down before we move one to more adviaced reflex development.