Tuesday Changes…

Our Tuesday class has always been an experiment, catering to a limited audience in a small town, not knowing if it would be popular, but as time has gone on and we have had feedback from putting out adverts for the club, including information for both classes, most of the interest has been for the Friday night class, with anyone who cannot attend on Friday asking if we train any other night of the week.

We have tried a daytime class, but its now time to think of the future and we have come to realise that trying to maintain a limited daytime class will actually hinder our progress long term, where a far more popular second evening class could be a great success, so we have decided to do just that.

The details are still being ironed out and we don’t have a confirmed launch date yet, but we have plans to replace the daytime class with an evening class every Tuesday, we have a public facebook event for people to register their interest and reserve a place.