Video: The dangers of the choke…

This video highlights the dangers of the choke. Full application of a choke cuts off the blood supply to the head and can knock someone out in 6 to 10 seconds, releasing after that will allow the person to wake up and be back to normal after about 5 to 10 seconds. After 60 seconds or more, a normal, healthy person will be dead and between 10 and 60 seconds can cause serious brain damage.

Never hold a choke for more than ten seconds, if they haven’t tapped out yet, you’re either doing something wrong or your opponent is knocked out, but being out doesn’t mean floppy and lifeless, the muscles still contract and twitch, so that is not an indicator of when someone is knocked out, and even in a ring surrounded by Jujitsu practitioners, some of them experts, it can still be quite difficult to tell if someone is out or not….


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