10th FEBRUARY LAUNCH: Things to know…

As students who have booked your spot for the launch lesson on 10th of February, you may have already been checking out the website and be aware of this information, but I thought I’d create this article to make sure everyone knows what they need too before the first lesson.


We have recently updated the pricing system for membership and lesson fees which everyone should be aware of, the first lesson is free for all new students, so this isn’t an issue for the launch lesson on the 10th of February.

Each lesson will normally be £5 for members and £7 for non members for the first session from 6pm to 7:30pm after the initial trial lesson.

We have decided to have the hall for an additional hour straight away, this advanced lesson will be for reflex development and combat simulation, we have also decided to open this lesson up to all students until we have a distinct need to separate grades as the club develops. This advanced class will be an additional discounted price of £2 for members and £3 for non members who attend the first class. Although as this is launch night, we are going to let new students try this additional reflex development class for FREE .

Membership is £30 for the first year and includes various benefits, more details of which can be found on the FAQ page, membership renewal is £15 due before 1st of April each year.


The lesson warm up will be starting at exactly 6pm, this means that new students will need to arrive at 5:45pm to prepare everything before the lesson starts, to fill out the health and fitness forms and run through the health and safety brief, this will usually be the time to pay, but as its the launch lesson and everyone gets a free trial, no one will be paying this time, but in the following weeks, students are asked to arrive 5-10 minutes early to make sure payment is out of the way and everyone is prepared for the 6pm start time, the admin team will always be there at 5:45pm to make sure the venue is prepared for training.


Students should arrive in appropriate clothing, there are not appropriate changing facilities, a t-shirt and jogging bottoms will do the trick, knee length shorts are fine too, anything you would wear for other sports or exercise like yoga, boxing or MMA is acceptable as long as it doesn’t have zips. If its raining and you are walking to the venue, an outer waterproof layer should be worn to make sure your training cloths stay dry, training in wet clothes is uncomfortable for yourself and your fellow students.


As it may be quite wet and muddy outside especially in the winter months, bringing a change of clean and dry trainers is probably the best option, there is a risk of puddles creating a slip hazard in the training hall, also our training mats are quite expensive and students must wear appropriate and clean footwear or go bare foot whilst training on them, especially as we will be doing ground work in the second half of most lessons and students wont want wet, muddy patches on the mats whilst rolling on them.


Its very important to turn up clean and ready to train, take a quick shower, use some deodorant and brush your teeth before coming to each lesson, nails should be cut short and filed to keep the risk of accidental scratching to a minimum, clothing should be clean too, we will be training in close proximity to one another and it is a mark of respect to your fellow students to make sure you are clean and tidy.  If you are prone to heavy sweating, it is advised to bring your own towel and possibly a change of t-shirt if you consider it necessary.


It is vital that long hair be appropriately tied up for each lesson, preferably in a bun so that loose hair does not get in the face of your training partner or accidentally flick someone in the eye, if a student forgets to put their hair up, please speak to Leighann who will have a pack of brand new hair bands available, although it is preferred that you remember your own.


No jewellery or watches are allowed to be worn during training, it is a health and safety risk and can also damage club equipment.


It is very important that mobile phones be put on silent for the duration of the lesson, if for any reason you need to be able to hear your phone, then please have a chat with David or Leighann and we will inform the class that it may occur and apologise in advance, but in most cases it is an unwanted distraction that wastes lesson time for yourself and the other students.


I have only allowed for 10 spaces for the launch lesson, this is to keep the class manageable and for health and safety purposes while we get set up, until such time as I think its okay to open up more slots for other students based on health and safety, other instructors etc. We have a waiting list, so if for any reason you can’t attend the launch lesson or no longer wish to come, then please let us know as soon as possible, so that another student can fill the place.

I can’t wait to get started and I’m looking forward to meeting some new faces, we have a great, all inclusive self defence syllabus for you, that I’m very proud to say isn’t available anywhere else in the local area, you would have to go much further afield and attend multiple martial arts clubs to learn what we have on offer and I look forward to helping people improve their fitness, learn new skills and increase their confidence as we all learn together in a fun and social training environment.

If there are any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, or you can refer to the FAQ and Grading pages for more information.

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